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Respiratory Diagnostics

Respiratory Disease

Horses commonly have problems with the respiratory tract.  At Fox Run Equine Center, we are equipped to perform most diagnostic testing required to tailor treatment for your horse.  Problems include recurrent airway obstruction (heaves), small airway inflammatory disease, pneumonia/pleuropneumonia, sinusitis, guttural pouch disorders, and upper airway dysfunctions.

With our in-house radiograph machine, we can take radiographs, or x-rays, of your horse's chest.  We also perform thoracic ultrasonography, upper respiratory tract digital video endoscopy, bronchoscopy, pleuroscopy, sinusoscopy, and more.  Samples of secretions from the trachea and lungs can be obtained for further laboratory analysis via transtracheal wash or bronchoalveolar lavage.  For diseases within the thoracic cavity, thoracocentesis and pericardiocentesis can also be performed, when necessary.  We have experienced great success treating pleuropneumonia and pericarditis cases.

If your horse becomes hospitalized with an infectious disease of the respiratory tract, we provide full service care.  This includes isolation for contagious diseases such as viruses or strangles.

We also provide multiple surgical options, when necessary, for upper airway disorders, including roarers, guttural pouch infectious, and paranasal sinus surgery.