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Gastrointestinal System

Gastrointestinal Disorders

At Fox Run Equine Center, we work with all types of intestinal abnormalities.  These disorders can vary from acute or chronic colic (intestinal pain) to weight loss from inflammatory diseases, intestinal neoplasia, or infectious/noninfectious diarrhea.  Our Board Certified clinician is well versed in right dorsal colitis and infiltrative enteropathy.  He uses comprhensive physical examination, our in-house laboratory, digital ultrasound, digital video endoscopy, peritoneal fluid analysis, and absorption testing.

We have the ability, with our overhead IV infusion system, to administer large volumes of fluids and electrolytes.  We also provide ICU monitoring 24 hours per day.  When necessary, abdominal surgery, both elective and emergency, can be provided.

We also have the ability to diagnose Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome with our 3 meter gastroscope from Olympus.  Ulcers can occur in any age and occupation, with clinical signs ranging from a decreased appetite to a decrease in performance to a change in attitude.  This endoscope can also identify parasites or masses within the stomach.  Biopsies of gastric or duoenal tissue can be taken through the gastroscope for study under a microscope (histopathology).

Gastric ulcers may vary from subclinical to loss of performance, inappetence, or even peritonitis from nearly ruptured gastric ulcers.  The duodenum (part of the small intestine) can visualized near the exit of the stomach.  Duodenal ulcers can be identified prior to stricture, which would then prevent gastric outflow.  They can the be treated with the proton pump inhibitor, GastroGard, making your horse feel better quickly.