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Veterinary Technician Students


Veterinary Technician Students

As a technician student, you will be working with our regular support staff. Student responsibilities will include helping with morning SOAPs of hospital cases, daily treatments, and assisting staff veterinarians with out patients and surgeries. In addition, you will learn how to set up and care for various equipment and instruments.  We also have teaching horses; interested students will have the opportunity for hands on experience and learning practical skills. 

We expect our students to first observe, then begin to be involved in the nursing care and assist with surgery and anesthesia under our supervision.  We look for motivated students who want to work at honing their skills before going into their first job.  We do not give "A" grades for merely showing up for work.  We want to see interested, excited, helpful students that go from just watching to actually becoming an asset to any practice.  Rest assured that you will get to see and do a lot of things here that you may not see anywhere else, if you participate fully. 

We strive for excellence in our standards of equine veterinary care.  We attain a high standard for nursing care and case management, which is equivalent to that of the major universities. Therefore, we feel students will be exposed to quality teaching and preparation to go into any equine hospital setting.

We have housing and laundry facilities available, at no cost, for students and visiting veterinarians. Bedding and kitchen items are available, but you will want to bring your own pillow(s).  There may be other students living there at any time through your externship.

You will want to bring your own stethoscope, watch, thermometer, and scrubs.

Please send a letter of intent and a short resume to:

  • Brian S. Burks, D.V.M., Diplomate, ABVP (Equine)
  • E-mail:  [email protected]
  • Or send to Fox Run Equine Center, 394 Fox Road, Apollo, PA 15613