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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are special cells that can potentially become any other cell in the body, such as tendon, ligament, or cartilage cells.  We use them to treat traumatic and degenerative conditions such as tendon injuries or degenerative joint disease.  Stem cells in horses are derived from adipose, or fat, which provides a more concentrated source of these cells than bone marrow.

Differences in Regenerative Medicine compared to traditional medicine:

  • Does not rely on a single target receptor or a single pathway for its action
  • Regenerative cell mixture is delivered either directly to the traumatic wound (e.g.: tendonitis, desmitis, fracture) or are delivered systemically (e.g.: liver disease, renal disease)
  • Regenerative cells can differentiate into many tissue types, induce repair, and stimulate regeneration.
  • Regenerative cells "communicate" with the cells of their local environment through paracrine and autocrine modalities, creating the optimal environment for natural healing.
  • Regenerative cells produce a variety of both secreted and cell surface substances that regulate tissue growth, integrity, and function.

Many horses have been successfully treated using stem cells.  Rather than simply forming scar tissue, or non uniform patterns of tissue, stem cells allow for complete healing of the injured structure.  The process now requires only an out-patient visit, using Medi-Vet's stem-cell technology  in our laboratory.  We collect adipose tissue from your horse's rump, using sedation and local anethesia.  The incision is sutured closed.  We then process and activate the stem cells in-house, and inject the cells into your horse (joints, tendons, ligaments, etc.) on the same day.  Since these cells are autologous, or from your horse, there is little chance of reaction to these cells, making the use of stem cells extremely safe.  For more information, please visit, or contact Fox Run Equine Center under the 'Contact Us' menu on this web site.