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Laboratory Diagnostics

Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory provides complete blood counts, differentials, blood chemistry & electrolyte analysis, fibrinogen, and cytology 24 hours per day.  We are able to cross-match blood from patients with that of our blood donor horses.  This enables us to tranfuse patients with severe blood loss or hemolytic anemia.  Our donor horses have also been hyperimmunized to provide high levels of antibodies for our more critical patients.

Blood gas analysis is also available for use during anesthesia, monitoring respiratory function, and identifying other metabolic disorders.

We also perform fecal analysis by the McMaster's technique to give you eggs per gram.  Cytology of fluid samples, such as peritoneal and broncho-alveolar lavage, is also performed in-house.

This allows us to make critical decisions in a timely fashion for the care of your horse.