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Beaver County Technical Farm Rescue Team,  Beaver County, Pennsylvania

The Beaver County Technical Farm Rescue (BCTFR) Team is a 2-part team
specializing in both the technical rescue of large animals and in the technical rescue
of individuals involved in farming accidents including:

Trailer accidents

Large animals trapped in holes, septic
tanks, ditches, mud, water/ice 

Large animals cast in stalls 

Barn fires 

Tractor rollovers 

PTO shaft entanglements 

Individuals trapped or entangled in any
type of machinery or farm equipment 

Silos and other farm confined space

Other life threatening farm situations
requiring technical rescue techniques


Technical Large Animal Rescues

Specialized consideration must be given to animals involved in technical large animal
rescues to provide the utmost safety to the animal and rescuers. Specifically,
specialized handling and rescue techniques are needed to successfully
complete a safe rescue.

The BCTFR Team has received specialized training in technical large animal rescue
and continues to expand their knowledge of handling skills and rescue techniques.
Specialized equipment is often needed for technical large animal rescues. The
BCTFR Team has access to this equipment and the training to utilize it safely.

Technical Farm Rescues  
Though techniques used in farm rescues appear similar to typical vehicle rescue
techniques, the concepts and application of rescue techniques are vastly different
and require specialized training skills and knowledge for the safety of the victim and
The BCTFR Team has received specialized training in farm rescue techniques.


The BCTFR Team consists of members of
three Beaver County, PA Fire Departments:

Big Knob Volunteer Fire Department

Daugherty Township Volunteer Fire Department

Potter Township Volunteer Fire Department

These three departments have joined together with the Pennsylvania State Animal
Response Team (PASART) and the Beaver County Animal Response Team (CART) to
form the Technical Large Animal Rescue Division of the Beaver County CART team.

To Contact for information regarding
non-emergency services and to inquire
about making donations:

Jared Pearsall


[email protected]

To Contact in an emergency:

Call 911


Request the local Fire Department

Request the Beaver County Technical
Farm Rescue Team

The BCTFR Team is an ongoing endeavor with its members continuously training and
continuously procuring equipment to be able to provide the very highest level of
service in technical large animal and technical farm emergencies.

To support its continued growth, the BCTFR Team is looking for private and
corporate donations.

A variety of corporate and private sponsorship levels are available to support
the BCTFR Team and provide advertizing for the sponsors. Please contact the BCTFR
Team for more details.


State Animal Response Team


Beaver County Animal Response Team


The BCTFR Team offers numerous non-
emergency services that can be tailored to
your individual needs including:

Horse owner awareness classes
Barn and trailer safety inspections
Barn evacuation drills
Area-wide evacuation planning guidance


In the event of an emergency, the BCTFR
Team can respond with:

3 Fire Engines
3 Rescue Trucks
Numerous other fire vehicles 

2 Technical Rescue Trailers equipped for Large Animal and Technical Farm Emer-

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