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Deworming Your Horse

Parasites are the number one cause of colic in the horse.  Colic is the number one killer of horses.  Now do you want to know more about deworming?  At Fox Run Equine Center, we recommend deworming every 12 weeks, on a rotating schedule.  Tailored schedules can be made based on at least twice yearly fecal examination.

Deworming protocols and products should be sought from a veterinarian.  They have specialized knowledge that can be utilized in forming a program for you and your horse.  There are currently no products on the market that should not be used, but they should all be used by adults or responsible teenagers, not children.  Some products are very safe, whilst others need to be used more cautiously, using the weight markings on the tube.

Suspensions are generally better than pastes, and should be used when possible, or when you have a parasite problem on your farm.

Please contact us for more information, and to help you design a program with your horse in mind.